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To be able to trade forex, you must equip yourself with a certain amount of knowledge. You can find the necessary knowledge through searching the 10 best forex review websites. However, there are countless review websites on the internet and finding a reliable source of information is not easy. This article will help you solve this problem. We will help you identify a reliable review site and give you the most important factor in forex trading.

Review website mainly assess on brokers

Nearly all top 10 best website forex review focuses on the review of forex brokers, as this is the hottest subject in forex trading, but brokers can sometimes pay for these sites to make them outstanding from others with many good assessments. So How can a reliable site for Forex review be determined ? Here are some features you need to pay attention.

It reviews a wide range of brokers

The first criterion to identify reliable websites is the number of mentioned brokers. To ensure that no brokers pay for the sites, check the number of brokers reviewed by your sites. If they review more than 20 brokers (in my opinion, about 20 brokers or over is significant as a lot) they can be trusted. Because if brokers pay the websites for the compliments, they don’t want their opponents have them too.

Point out both pros and cons

No one is perfect in forex trading. In particular, all brokers have advantages and disadvantages. Once you see a website with all good saying about any broker, you have the right to doubt the objectivity and credibility of this site, most likely it was paid to write this article. If the sites want to be considered as being fair, they should mention both the advantages and disadvantages of all broker types, like high leverage brokers or zero spread forex brokers

It keeps the basic as initial source

To be one of the top 10 best websites for forex review, the website should welcome forex traders at all levels from beginners to professionals. It should not focus on any particular traders. Even beginners, regular traders, experienced traders and professionals can have information whenever they need on this site. It should provide everything from the basic such as definition about forex, broker, leverage, spread, commission, accounts, quote, slippage, margin and so on to the advantage techniques like fundamental analysis and technical analysis. 

It has user-friendly design

This is about the interface and arrangement of the website. An ideal and friendly website should have the easy-to-read text with reasonable font and size, many informed figure and relevant pictures so reader can get the information clearly and definitely. The most initial and lasted articles need to be on top and organized systematically with logical tags and categories for the reader to get what they need in a particular time and case.

Recommendation for forex review website

If you are interested and want to know The best 10 websites of forex review, I would like to recommend some websites as the list below:


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